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I’ve been fascinated by reptiles, mainly snakes, since I was pretty young. My Mom never let me have snakes while I was growing up, at least ones she knew about! We used to have a wooded area behind our house where I would spend most of my evenings after school collecting bugs, spiders, and of course, Snakes! I kept them in the garage out back in jars and vowed to have snakes as soon as I moved out. She never went out there so I knew she’d never find out about them so I had a nice assortment of animals back there. Little did she know the books on snakes and bugs were to learn how to care for them and not because I just wanted to learn about them.

Well I’ve kept snakes for about 10 years after I got my own home and they are as fascinating now as they were when I was 10. Some of these are, or were mine at sometime, some from other people’s collections but I love to photograph them and probably will always have at least one at home. Hope you like my Ssssssss series.



Green Tree Python - Biak

My Collection – Past and Present

Apricot Milksnake


This is a Mite Phase Green Tree Python due to the black specks on it’s body.

Mite Phase - Green Tree Python

Aru High White Locale – Currently in my collection
Aru - Green Tree Python

Aru - Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python

These were shot at various reptile shows or the zoo.

Albino Reticulated Python


Green Tree Python


Bumble Bee Ball Python