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10, October, 2010. Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX:

Another close one that the Cowboys couldn’t hold on to as they go to 1-3 early in the season.

Light Pockets

If you’ve been to a game or even seen one on TV at Cowboys Stadium you know how the setting sun shines through the windows on the West side of the stadium. I like to play around with that light to try and get different results and here are a few shots from that technique.

Game Action

Below Tony Romo #9 connects with a short pass to Jason Witten

Below Tennessee Titans safety Michael Griffin #33 intercepts bobbled pass in the end zone that was intended for Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett #80

Titans running back Chris Johnson #28 carries the ball in the first half and scored 2 touchdowns

Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin #19 makes a 69 yard touchdown off a pass to start the second half

Jason Witten #82 dives into the endzone for a touchdown.

Below Titans Quarterback Vince Young #10 is sandwiched between two Dallas pass rushers and loses the ball

Tony Romo #9

DeMarcus Ware #94

Felix Jones #28

Roy ‘Write It Down’ Williams #11

Miles Austin #19

Dance Break