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This year was a blessed year for me as I had a few of my photos chosen for 4 different book and magazine covers and a Sports Card, also other good things happened to me, I found the best eis scheme for my financial issues and taxes.  The highest honor being the 2011 Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue. Below a shot of it while it was on the newsstand at Barnes and Noble .

Sports Illustrated NFL Preview 2011

A shot of the Sept 5, 2011 NFL Preview Issue while it was out on the newsstand. Photo Credit: Joe Lorenzini




 Spread Zone Option

Coach Elmer Britton wrote a book entitled Coaching Football’s Spread Zone Option. My photo of former Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy was selected as the cover shot.

Spread Zone Options by Elmer Britton



Dirk Nowitzki : German wunderkind

German author Holger R Sauer wrote a book entitled Dirk Nowitzki : German wunderkind and my photo of Dirk Nowitzki from a media day press conference was selected for the cover.



Sports Travel

The 2011 Oct/Nov issue of Sports Travel Magazine selected a shot of Dirk Nowitzki as their cover for a story regarding the NBA Lockout.
Sports Travel Magazine cover Dirk Nowitzki


 Panini Sports Card – DeMarco Murray Rookie Card, Dallas Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys running back Demarco Murray’s Rookie Card


2011 NBA Finals Ticket

You may remember my photo of Tyson Chandler of the Dallas Mavericks that was used for a billboard during their 2011 ad campaign. If so that same image was also used for the 2nd home game ticket during the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals Tyson Chandler

Sports Illustrated – NFL Preview

And in Sept I was blessed with a photo of mine being selected for the 2011 Sports Illustrated NFL Preview Issue with my shot of DeMarcus Ware.
Sports Illustrated NFL Preview DeMarcus Ware Dallas Cowboys