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Best of the NBA for 2012: A few of my favorite/best shots of the 2012 calendar year includes everything from the Championship Ring ceremony of the Dallas Mavericks to the most recent game just before Christmas. There are a couple more games before the end of the year so if anything else catches my eye [...]


2011, January 25, American Airlines Center Rookie Sensation Blake Griffin makes his first stop of his NBA career in Dallas and finished with a double-double with 22 points and 11 boards. Dallas went on to win 112-105 with the help of JJ Barea who finished with 25 points.


2009, March 23, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX: Normally we receive gifts on our birthday but Jason Kidd decided to give the Mavs a gift on his birthday by taking over the game in the 2nd half. Dirk Nowitzki was ejected just after the half after receiving back to back technicals and had to watch [...]